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Tennis Courts - Kits

With specialist equipment being widely available from tool and plant hire companies some people wish to build a tennis court either as a DIY project or using locally available construction labour. Alternatively people will engage the services of a trusted landscape gardening company to build a tennis court for them, and particularly if it is to be a natural grass one. Sometimes the owner will carry out all work except the final surface for which he/she will engage the services of a specialist court constructor or surfacing contractor.

To cater for such tennis courts, Grimshaw Sports can supply all the specialist components of a tennis court delivered to your address. The kits are delivered on non-returnable pallets and by prior arrangement can even be off loaded by the driver using a “piggy-back” forklift truck carried on the lorry.

Kits are tailored to each customers requirements but typically include: -

  • Geo-textile membrane to cover the ground and act as a weed blanket.
  • Concrete edgings or blocks for the perimeter.
  • Bitumen emulsion in 200-kg barrels and tennis court dressing grit for grey-green courts.
  • All surround steelwork and gate(s) in powder coat finish.
  • All chainlink in handy 121/2m long rolls complete with nuts, bolts, straining bars, and tensioners required in assembling the surround.
  • 1 Pair of tennis net posts and sockets,
  • 1 tennis playing net,
  • 1 regulation white centre band and centre
    hook, all as shown on
  • White-line paint and brushes for the playing lines.
  • 30m tape and steel setting out pins.
  • Instructions for basic setting out complete with all court dimensions etc.
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