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Tennis Courts - Surrounds & Gates

These form an integral part of any tennis court, and it is the style and appearance of the surround, which makes a vast difference as to how the court “fits” within its surroundings. Grimshaw Sports has successfully obtained many otherwise “difficult” Planning Approvals for tennis courts, by careful detailing of the surround and gates to fit the location.

At Grimshaw Sports we do not buy in proprietary surround and gate systems and tell the customer that is all they can have. With our own in-house CADS design and steel fabrication facilities, we can provide a surround tailored specifically to the needs of that project or client’s preference. We can supply surrounds in a range of heights from 900mm (3ft) to 5.Om (16ft), with the supporting uprights fabricated using steel angle, or rectangular, or round hollow sections or cold rolled “Z” sections. We can also engineer surrounds that do not need rakers and struts to restrain the corners.

Our gates are our own unique design developed over a number of years to incorporate a number of safety features.

After pioneering the use of thermoplastic coating for tennis court surrounds and gates as an optional extra some 30 years ago, coated steelwork is now the standard finish for Grimshaw Sports surrounds and gates. If required for extremely arduous applications the steelwork and gates can be galvanised and coated for double protection. In most cases the coating is either dark green or black, but almost any standard RAL colour can be provided to order. For example a strong contrasting colour on the gates can be in incorporated for the benefit of any partially sighted persons. Plain galvanised finishes are also available.

We can provide surrounds with chainlink, or welded mesh, or for arduous use such as in schools and public parks, a very robust twin wire welded panel system with 6mm diameter steel rods forming the mesh. This system is supported on rectangular hollow box section steel posts with the panels clamped at each one with a steel channel section secured with stainless steel vandal resistant fixings.

For private courts where the owner might prefer not to see a surround at all, we can provide a “sliding curtain” system. We can also increase the height and size of the corner posts to incorporate basic floodlighting for a court.

At Grimshaw Sports there is no limit to our imagination or ability to engineer and produce a surround to meet a one-off application or customer’s particular requirements.

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