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Tennis Courts - Renovation

The main factors to successfully renovating an existing tennis court are: -

To have the work done before the surface becomes too brittle and the loss of stones becomes too great.

To ensure that the surface can be deep cleaned to restore its porosity by lifting the years of impacted dirt out of the surface.

With decades of experience to call on, Grimshaw Sports can readily assess and provide honest advice as to whether or not a surface can be restored rather than resurfaced and often saving an owner £1000’s.

Renovation usually takes the form of initial applications of weed and moss killer applied by our own operatives, who are fully trained and licensed to handle pesticides. After a few days the court will be deep cleaned using specially developed equipment from Grimshaw Maintenance, capable of producing hot or cold water, or even steam, at highly controllable pressures. Many people are always amazed at how much silt and dirt is removed from the matrix of even what looked like a clean court surface. The effect on the porosity of the surface is equally dramatic.

NB We recommend that pressure cleaning of a tennis court or other porous play surface should not be attempted as a DIY project. Unskilled use of a hose or pressure washer can easily seal a court surface causing irreparable damage to what may, on completion, look like a very clean tennis court.

With the court clean, minor blemishes in the surface can be made good and the lines repainted. Courts that are to be re-coloured can be treated with a clear polyurethane binder to extend their life span immediately before the resin colour is applied.

Tennis court surrounds and gates can also be overhauled as a part of renovation. With its own steel fabrication facility Grimshaw Sports can either repair any existing steel or gates, or, if too badly corroded, fabricate new ones to match.

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