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Tennis Courts - Maintenance

The key to maintaining any tennis court is keeping it clean and free from moss and weeds. Grimshaw Maintenance has the specialist equipment and expertise to maintain almost any tennis court surface. From deep pressure cleaning of porous surfaces to remove dirt and sludge from the voids of the construction, to routine power brushing of artificial grass and carpet surfaces, what better company to maintain a court than the one that built it. Whilst preferring to work on courts built by Grimshaw Sports, we can of course provide maintenance services on any tennis court within our working radius.

Working against our standard checklist, other work carried out includes checking and re-tensioning the chainlink surround and reporting any repairs that may be necessary, checking the net posts and sockets and lubricating the winder and pulleys and adjusting and lubricating any gate latches.

Optional services include: -

Adding additional grit dressing to grey green courts, or topping up the sand levels on artificial grass or carpet courts.

Repainting or touching-up playing lines.

Installing any new equipment that may have been ordered such as a new net or centre band.

Our systems are flexible enough to carry out work on a one off or regular contract basis, and any suggested work will be based on honest advice derived from years of experience in tennis court construction and maitenance.

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