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Tennis Courts - Floodlighting

This is often “tricky” with Planning Applications and must be designed for the specific needs of each and every site. Using the very latest in lighting components, Grimshaw Sports lighting schemes are designed to minimise light spillage and comply with requirements of The British Astronomical Associations - Campaign for Dark Skies.

On private tennis courts we can provide very basic lighting built into extended height posts of the chainlink surround. Alternatively we can install lightweight telescopic posts that, when lowered, stand about the same height as the chainlink surround. When raised to their full height, the floodlights on these posts provide a reasonable level of lighting for home fun/recreation tennis.

Lighting to comply with the levels recommended by the Lawn Tennis Association for various standards of play can be provided from purpose made lighting columns usually either 6 or 8m in height. On large multiple court installations columns can be installed up to 12m or even 15m height.

Our service includes all design work including light plots, preparing and submitting planning applications, all installation and cabling back to an adequate power supply, testing and certification of the wiring etc. Switch gear and/or time-clocks can be housed in an existing building or we can provide a weatherproof control cabinet alongside at a convenient location in which to locate them.

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