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Multi-Use-Games Areas - Surrounds & Gates

These form an integral part of any MUGA and it is the style and appearance of the surround, often makes a vast difference as to how it “fits” within its surroundings. MUGA surrounds have to be exceedingly robust to cater for sports such as five-a-side in which rebound from the sides is a part of the play.

For MUGAs with access by the general public, loose goals that have to be moved into place for each different game are generally impractical; therefore five-a-side goals, basketball goals and cricket wickets need to be built into the surround. The height of the surround needs to be taken into account and adjusted to suit the potential risks of a ball going over the top. The size and location of access points needs careful consideration to prevent as far as possible access for unsuitable use such as mini-motorcycles.

To cater for the arduous use of most MUGAs, the steelwork and gates are usually both galvanised and coated for double protection. In most cases the coating is either dark green or black, but almost any standard RAL colour can be provided to order. For example a strong contrasting colour on the gates can be incorporated for the benefit of any partially sighted persons.

At Grimshaw Sports with our own in-house CAD design and steel fabrication facilities, there is no limit to our imagination or ability to engineer and produce a surround to meet a one-off application or customer’s particular requirements.

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