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Multi-Use-Games-Areas - Surfaces

Porous Macadam.

This hot laid, rapid draining and durable surface, provides probably the most robust, low maintenance, MUGA surface. It combines excellent underfoot traction with consistent speed and bounce. Working with a renowned surfacing research organisation, Grimshaw Sports have developed a unique variation on this surface for specific foot control in netball applications. This can be provided if required. Subject to site access, these surfaces are laid using the company’s latest laser guided paver for superb accuracy.

Coloured Porous Macadam.

With all of the characteristics of our standard porous macadam, the playing surface of the MUGA is sprayed with two coats of an acrylic resin specifically developed for sports applications. The resin contains a high level of a fine sand filler, which provides texture and underfoot grip in damp conditions.

MUGA’s are usually coloured in a single colour either red or green, but those who want something a little more “exciting” Grimshaw Sports can offer almost any colour a client wishes, including vibrant blues and yellows.

Polymeric Rubber Surfaces.

These are formed by laying a layer of "macadam" formed by mixing black rubber granules with a polyurethane binder. This material is laid in a layer usually 10mm thick using specialist equipment over a standard porous macadam base. The resultant cushioned surface is not only porous but provides great play characteristics.

Financial constraints may call for the surface to remain black with the various playing lines painted on it. However spraying the surface with a coloured textured resin not only provides a more attractive surface, it enhances underfoot traction particularly in damp conditions, and makes the contrast of playing lines more distinct. A further option is for the actual surface to be coloured at the point of manufacture.

Artificial Grass & Carpet.

The standard porous macadam courts are the “foundation” on which both artificial grass and carpet surfaces are laid.

Artificial grass MUGA's have carpets manufactured to resemble a good quality natural turf. They usually comprise of polypropylene or polyethylene fibres shaped similar to blades of grass, tufted into a heavy-duty backing sheet.

Carpet MUGA's are constructed in the same way as artificial grass courts and have very similar play characteristics. The main difference is that no pretence is made to make the carpet look like grass.

The choice of artificial grass or carpet or type of each is dependent on the games to be played on the finished surface. For example football is best with a long pile "3G" carpet part filled with sand and topped with loose rubber crumb. Whereas MUGAs with tennis included in its intended uses, would be better with a sand-filled carpet surface. The games selection and range to be played on a MUGA will dictate as to whether or not some form of shock pad is needed.

With decades of experience, Grimshaw Sports are well placed to offer advice as to the most appropriate surface for the intended use.


Whilst not generally regarded as a sports surface a lightly textured reinforced concrete surface may be suitable for MUGAs where skate boards may be used, in conjunction with a stand alone MUGA goal unit.

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