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Multi-Use-Games-Areas -Size

There are no defined sizes for MUGAs. At the smallest we can install a combined basketball goal and five-a-side goal within a 5m long x 3m high rebound fencing. Set on one side of a hardened surface measuring 10m x 10m.

31m x 19m with a 1.0m wide path around the outside of the heavy duty surround is proving to be a popular size for parish councils seeking to provide a facility for five-a-side and basketball.

Increasing the size to 36m x 17.5m allows the addition of tennis and netball to the range of games that can be played.

A 60m x 40m MUGA allows for practice football and if divided with a sliding net can provide two simultaneous games of five-a-side. MUGA's at this size are often run on a commercial basis.


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