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Multi-Use-Games-Areas - Floodlighting

Floodlighting a MUGA will radically increase its use and availability to hire out commercially to clubs and increase revenue. However it is often “emotive” with local residents when Planning Applications are considered. Therefore each floodlighting scheme must be designed for the specific needs of each and every site.

The size and scale of the floodlighting will depend on the intended games to be played after dark. However where MUGAs are built in public parks and open spaces, the installation of even low level street lighting will provide enough light for kids to have some knock-about fun with a ball in the winter hours of darkness after school. In some installations low level street lighting is often considered to be a safety feature.

Using the very latest in lighting components, Grimshaw Sports lighting schemes are designed to minimise light spillage and comply with requirements of The British Astronomical Association’s – Campaign for Dark Skies.


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